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Bark River Knife & Tool Company
Bark River Knives
Bark River Knives

We are adding a new line to our inventory. Bark River Knives, manufactured by the Bark River Knife and Tool Company, in Escanaba, Michigan, USA. Bark River Knife and Tool has only been around for a few years but the talent and leadership behind this new knife company is without question; they are knowledgeable craftsman with sound and experienced leadership at the top.

Bark River Knife & Tool - Bravo-1 Black Micarta
Bark River STS-8 Green Blade & Green Handle
Bark River Leather Sheath for The Bravo-1
Bark River Bravo-1 Black Micarta with Bloody Basin Jasper Spacers
Bark River Knife & Tool Company Bravo-1 Green G-10

Bark River STS-5  (Limited Edition ) Toxic Green – ZOMBIE KILLER – Knife
Bark River Knife & Tool - Bravo-1 Bocote Wood
Bark River Knife & Tool Company Bravo-1 Black & Gold / Leather (Limited Edition)
Bark River STS-8 Black Blade & Black Handle
Bark River STS-5 Green Canvas and many other configurations
Bark River Knife & Tool - Bravo-1 Blaze Orange  Micarta
Bark River STS-5 Mil Spec. Camo

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Bark River Knife & Tool Company is a specialty cutlery company that emphasizes maximum performance of its products. They use a blend of traditional and contemporary designs and styles. Manufacturing methods are also a blend of modern and traditional to gain needed tolerances while maintaining the subtle features that have produced exemplary cutting implements for centuries.

The goals of Bark River Knife & Tool Co. are to produce only the finest semi-production cutting tools available on the market. These products are aimed for use by genuine outdoorsmen who need real performance in the field. The Specialty-High Quality knife market has steadfastly grown over the last 20 years. This growth that started with mild interest in the late 1970's has snowballed into a major segment of today's market. You don't have to be a connoisseur to appreciate an exemplary cutting tool. Lifetime Warranty - All Bark River knives and axes are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for life. If you have any problem with their product, just return it to them and they will repair or replace it. If you would like them to refurbish or re-sharpen the product, ship it to them and please enclose $8.00 for shipping back to you. Bark River Knife & Tool, 6911 County Road 426, Escanaba, MI 49829   906-789-1801.

Mike Stewart is the owner/manager of the new Bark River Knife and Tool Company in Michigan and was the founder and general manager of Blackjack Knives until the company closed in the late 90's. Mike was then instrumental in the revival of the Marble's Knife for Marble's Outdoors. Mike left Marble's to establish Bark River and now designs, develops and hand crafts some of the finest standard and custom knives available. Some of Mike's standard configured knives can be found on his web site at www.barkriverknives.com. If you desire to look at some of this custom work with different handle configurations, materials and designs you can find them on the knife forum at www.knifeforums.com , click on the top header – Mfg. list and then scroll down to Bark River and click on Bark River Gallery, then go to the top of the next page with the grouping of crown stag knives in the upper right corner and click on those. You will then be able to view some of his custom work, all available for sale. If you have any problems finding his knives, just contact us and we will walk you through the process. Another reason we are adding his products to our inventory is the recent test and endorsement of their new Bravo-1 knife by the US Marine Corp. Here is their testament and all we needed to bring this knifemaker on board. If it is good enough for the US Marines then it is good enough to sell to our customers.

The Bravo-1 knife was developed with the assistance of the Training Unit of the Force Recon Division of the U.S. Marine Corp. These folks bought a large number of knives on the commercial market and tested them without saying anything to any of the makers. The Bark River Gamekeeper came out on Top to fit their requirements of a Real Time General Purpose Survival/Bushcraft Knife. We were contacted by them and were asked to make a knife based on the Gamekeeper with a Few Changes. The Bravo-1 is the Result of their Input. The Changes were the addition of a Ramp Style Thumb Rest on the Spine and changing the Guard into an Integral Self Guard. They also wanted the Choil eliminated to bring the Sharp Edge all the Way to the Front of the handle Slabs for Leverage in notching. The Balance of the knife had to be on the First Finger. With the location of the Eyelets You can change the sheath from Right to Left Hand Carry--Upright or Inverted Carry. You can also Attach an Optional Firesteel carrier and a Smaller Knife like a Mikro-Canadian in an Optional Kydex Sheath. The handle Slabs had to be Epoxied and bolted to and through the Blade. All of the Bravo-1's have the handle sets attached with Bolt Sets. they are non Removable. We grind off the Screw Slots as we finish out the handles. The Synthetic Material Handles will all have Stainless Steel Screw Sets. All the Natural Material Handle Sets are Attached with Brass Bolt Sets. The Natural Handle materials will all have Antique Ivory Bolsters that are also Attached with Brass Bolt Sets. The Final Result is a Heavy Duty Bushcraft/Survival Knife that can stand up to Abusive use.
Overall Length: 9.065 Inches
Blade Length: 4.250 Inches
Blade Steel: A-2 @ 59 RC
Blade Thickness: .215 Inch
Weight: 7.375 Ounces

We will be actively stocking their more popular line for the sportsman, hunter, fisherman, camper and of course our US military. Wherever your adventures take you, take a look at the Bark River Product line. I think you will find something that will fit your needs. One thing I like about Bark River Knives is the fact that they are always looking at a new or improved design and you do not have to wait 5 years to get a semi-custom knife with special options. A semi-custom knife is usually available within a few months if not immediately. If you find one you must have, please contact us and we will check our stock. If they are not immediately available we can place one on order. Also the Bark River web site posts retail pricing and we can do much better on that so do not be put-off by the posted prices. Please contact us for a quote and availability.

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Bark River STS-8 Knife

We have just recieved a very limited number of the new Bark River STS-8 knife. The Bark River STS-8 is the third model in the Special Tactical Series made at the request of Force Recon personnel. The STS 8 is big and tough and ready for anything that comes its way. No expense has been spared utilizing premium 154CM steel the highest quality micartas and a top grade kydex sheath - all proudly made in the USA!

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Bark River STS-5 (Limited Edition) Toxic Green ZOMBIE KILLER Knife
Bark River STS-5 (Limited Edition) Toxic Green ZOMBIE KILLER Knife

We have just received our shipment from Bark River Knife & Tool and a very limited supply of “Special Order” Zombie Killer / Toxic Green – Knives.

(only 15 of these knives were made)

Click to view details about the new knife.