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We have added many Microtech Knives to our product availability line, and believe these to be some of the most desirable currently being produced. Due to the fact that there are so many different models and options to choose from, and our desire to keep our prices very competitive, we just cannot stock every knife you may see on our site but that does not mean they are not available.

As with any product, quantities vary due to supply and demand and Microtech Knives sell extremely fast. With that said, we suggest you contact us for pricing and availability; our goal is to stock as many of these knives as possible and to provide you the best pricing anywhere.

NOTE: We take great pride in our Military and LE officers and what they do - we will provide “Special Pricing” for those that serve in this capacity.

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147-1 UTX-70 D/E
Black Standard

147-2 UTX-70 D/E
Black Serrated

147-4 UTX-70
Satin Standard

147-10 UTX-70
Stonewash Standard


125-1BL & 125-2BL
UTX-85 Black Std. & Serrated with Blue Handles

125-1CH & 125-2CH
UTX-85 Black Std. & Serrated w/Charcoal Handles

125-1OR & 125-2OR
UTX-85 Black Std. & Serrated w/Orange Handles

125-1A UTX-85
Aqua Black Standard

125-1SI UTX-85
Silver Black Standard

125-1T UTX-85
Black Standard Tactical

Ultratech OTF

120-1 Ultratech Bayonet
Black Standard

120-1RD Ultratech Bayonet
Red Black Standard

120-1T Ultratech Bayonet
Black Standard Tactical

120-4 Ultratech
Bayonet Satin Standard

120-5 Ultratech
Bayonet Satin Serrated

120-7 Ultratech Bayonet
Bead Blast Standard

120-10 Ultratech
Bayonet Stonewash Standard

120-11 Ultratech
Bayonet Stonewash Serrated

121-1 Ultratech
S/E Black Standard

121-GR Ultratech
S/E Green Black Standard

121-1T Ultratech
S/E Black Tactical Standard

121-2CL Ultratech
S/E Clear Black Serrated

121-2GR Ultratech
S/E Green Black Serrated

121-4 Ultratech
S/E Satin Standard

121-5 Ultratech
S/E Satin Serrated

122-1 Ultratech
D/E Black Standard

122-1T Ultratech
D/E Black Standard Tactical

122-4 Ultratech
D/E Satin Standard.jpg

122-5 Ultratech
D/E Satin Serrated

122-7 Ultratech D/E
Bead Blast Standard

122-10 Ultratech
D/E Stonewash Standard

122-11 Ultratech
D/E Stonewash Serrated

122-12 Ultratech
D/E Stonewash Full Serrated

123-1 Ultratech
T/E Black Standard

123-2 Ultratech
T/E Black Serrated

123-10 Ultratech
T/E Stonewash Standard

Kestrel Side Auto

131-2 Kestrel
Black Serrated

131-4 Kestrel
Satin Standard

131-5 Kestrel
Satin Serrated

131-7 Kestrel
Bead Blast Standard

131-11 Kestrel
Stonewash Serrated


135-1 LUDT
Black Standard

Green Black Standard Tactical

Green Black Standard

135-1TA LUDT
Tan Black Standard

135-2 LUDT
Black Serrated

135-2 LUDT
OD Green Black Serrated

135-2TA LUDT
Tan Black Serrated

135-2T LUDT
Black Serrated Tactical

135-4 LUDT
Satin Standard

135-4GY LUDT
Gray Satin Standard

135-5 LUDT
Satin Serrated

135-5GY LUDT
Gray Satin Serrated

135-7 LUDT
Bead Blast Standard

135-7GR LUDT
Green Bead Blast Standard

135-10 LUDT
Stonewash Standard

135-10GY LUDT
Gray Stonewash Standard

135-11GY LUDT
Gray Stonewash Serrated

Combat Troodon OTF

143-IT S/E Black
Standard Tactical

Makora II OTF

106-1 Makora II
Black Standard

106-2 Makora II
Black Serrated

106-3 Makora II
Black Full Serrated

106-4 Makora II
Satin Standard

106-5 Makora II
Satin Serrated

Scarab Executive OTF

107-1 Scarab S/E
Executive Black Standard

107-1T Scarab S/E
Black Standard Tactical

107-2 Scarab S/E
Executive Black Serrated

107-4 Scarab S/E
Executive Satin Standard

107-5 Scarab S/E
Executive Satin Serrated

108-1W T/E Black
Standard (white handles)

108-2W Scarab T/E
White Black Serrated

109-1PI Scarab Executive
D/E Pink, Black Standard

109-1RD Scarab Executive
Red D/E Black Standard

109-1TA Scarab D/E
Tan Black Standard

109-2PI Scarab Executive D/E
Pink, Black Serrated

109-2RD Scarab Executive Red
D/E Black Serrated

109-2TA Scarab D/E
Tan Black Serrated

109-3OD Scarab D/E
OD Green Black Full Serrated

109-3PI Scarab Executive
D/E Pink, Black Full Serrated

109-3RD Scarab Executive
Red D/E Black Full Serrated

109-3TA Scarab D/E Tan
Black Full Serrated

109-4 Scarab Executive
D/E Satin Standard

109-5 Scarab Executive
D/E Satin Serrated

109-6BL Scarab Executive
D/E Blue, Satin Full Serrated

109-7 Scarab Executiave
D/E Bead Blast Standard

109-8 Scarab Executive
D/E Bead Blast Serrated

109-9 Scarab Executive
D/E Bead Blast Full Serrated

109-10 Scarab Executive
D/E Stonewash Standard

109-11 Scarab Executive
D/E Stonewash Serrated

Crosshair (Fixed Blade)

104-1 Crosshair
Green Standard

104-2 Crosshair
Green Serrated

104-3 Crosshair
Green Full Serrated

105-2 Crosshair
Multi-Camo Serrated