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Gerber – Basic Multi-Function (BMF) Knife
Gerber – Basic Multi-Function (BMF) Knife

We just received this knife in our shop and it is the first we have had in some time. Gerber made these knives beginning in 1986 and continued production up until the early 1990’s.

This knife is pre-owned but has never been used, and the blade shows no signs of ever being sharpened. The entire knife is free of any spotting or scratches and the cushion grip handle is just as nice and Minty. Looks like this one sat in a safe or safe place for some time.

The blade length on this knife is 9” ( OAL – 14 1/2”) which indicates it was made between 1989 until they were discontinued in the early 1990. Serial #048164. No box with this one but otherwise, it is all complete with a MINT sheath, compass and sharpening steel which were all standard on these knives when they left Gerber. I can find NO issues with this knife.

If you are looking for a nice Investment grade BMF then I think you have found it with this one that survived the temptation to put it to work. Many of the Gerber BMF knives we have seen have experienced a lot of field duty and that is what they were designed to do.

Gerber – Basic Multi-Function (BMF) Knife
Description:  Gerber – Basic Multi-Function (BMF) Knife Item #: 287
Price:  $325.00 USD Shipping: $10.00 within the US