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New Products
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Gerber Mark II


Gerber Mark II Knife, Circa. 1977
Gerber Mark II Gray Handle Knife, Circa. 1977
Panther Vision Lighted Caps
Panther Vision Lighted Caps
Bark River Knives
Bark River Knives
Butler Creek Magazines
Butler Creek Magazines
Custom Leather Sheaths
Custom Leather Sheaths
Custom Wood Scales for the Bark River STS-5 
Custom Wood Scales for the Bark River STS-5

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Self Reliance Essentials - 3B Hooker Tomahawk

We have seen a rush to market of many types of tomahawks in all sizes, shapes, colors and quality. It seems that everyone is in the business of making a tomahawk. We have been researching many of these to see if they would be a fit for our endorsement. We ruled out all of the overseas ones based on our standing policy of only featuring those made in the USA that are of the highest quality. Based on that we believe we have found a small company that is making what we believe to be a very practical and field ready tomahawk. We have been in discussions with Jared Corry and he is in the process of finishing up 2 tomahawks for use. Take a look and see if you like them as much as we did. We realize you are only looking at pictures but from what we see, we like what he has done. All are hand crafted and are designed with the outdoors man / Bush Crafter in mind rather than tactical only. Click here for more details on the 3B Hooker Tomahawk.

Large Gerber Mark II Knife Collection

To all those that are Gerber Mark II collectors, we have just bought a collection of approximately 20 Gerber Mark II knives. These knives range in condition from excellent to MINT in Box. They consist of

  • 5 Gray Handled Cutlery Shop Mark II knives made by Gerber specifically for the Cutlery Shop in Boise Idaho.
  • 7- Gerber Mark II knives that range in date from 1970 1977 ( One 1970 Mark II owned by an SF soldier, with over 50 pages of documentation including service in Vietnam.
  • 4- Black handled Mark IIs
  • and a couple of 20th & 70th Anniversary knives.

We should have them in our shop within the next few day at which time we will inspect/grade each knife and prepare for listing on our site. If you are interested in some very unique Gerber Mark II knives, then keep a close eye on our site for more details.

Custom Leather Sheaths

Pictured below is an advance notice of some new leather products we are adding to our site. As you know we have featured custom leather sheaths for the Gerber Mark II , Chris Reeve Pacific Knives and Ka-Bar. In addition you will find some new additions to include custom sheaths for the Treeman Recon Hunter, and Busse Basic 10LE & Busse BOSS HG55 knives. These Sheaths are custom built to each knife so the fit is perfect and the materials are “second to none.” If interested please contact us for questions or to order a sheath; these will not last long.

Custom Leather Sheaths


We are pleased to announce that we will be carrying the Microtech line of knives. Microtech has been known as an industry leader in fine quality knives and deserves a place with our other products. Microtech has been around for many years and continues to produce some of the highest quality knives in the industry. Automatics, OTF to fixed blade, you know you have invested in a quality knife when Microtech’s name is on the knife. Every day users to customs, Microtech knives are a true investment and hold their market value.

While we cannot stock every model they make, we would be pleased to provide you a quote. Click here to view some of the individual models. Pleases contact us for availability and pricing, I think you will be very pleased with our very competitive pricing. – Ron - HAO



We have been researching a light weight very compact emergency saw to use when you are faced with the need to cut wood fast and clean. This product made by Supreme Products, called "The Unbelievable Saw" is a very high quality USA made item you can easily carry in a pack, coat or in your vehicle or BO bag. It's much lighter, compact and more efficient to use than carrying an axe and it's very sharp.

SUPREME PRODUCTS ( The Unbelievable Saw )  - POCKET CHAIN SAW The product made by Supreme Products is made in the USA which caught our eye as this is a must to make it to our site. This is just the tool you need when you head for the woods or are preparing your deer / bear stand location. Great camping / hiking / survival tool. Supreme Products has developed a great compact tool called the Unbelievable Saw and we agree.

Here are the specs on this saw:

Unbelievable Saw Features

  • Saw has 92 bi-directional cutting teeth. The saw blade is 21 inches (54 cm) long. The total length of the saw (including handles) is 37 inches (94 cm)
  • Saw will easily cut through an 8 inch (20cm) limb
  • Extremely fast and easy to use; doesn't require great strength
  • Unusually lightweight, just 5 ounces
  • Great for cutting high limbs. Simply add your own ropes to both handles and throw over a high limb to cut easily from the ground. Be careful not to stand under the limb as it falls.
  • Cuts two by four lumber in tight quarters
  • Also cuts PVC pipe (great for tight areas, such as inside walls between studs or in the bottom of a ditch)
  • The unique design of the Unbelievable Saw® makes it much less likely to bind while cutting
  • Saw has bi-directional cutting teeth so it cuts in both directions; can be used by one or two people at a time
  • Made of high strength, heat treated steel, coated for rust resistance
  • Stays sharp almost indefinitely; if it ever needs sharpening, a normal flat file does the job
  • Pocket sized saw comes in handy zip-lock plastic pouch; easy to store, doesn't require much room

Visit the product page by clicking here.


We have been doing some serious research on American made Tomahawks and have found for the money and quality, that this product was a must for our inventory line. 

All American made of 1060 forged steel the  LaGana is 14" long with a 2 5/8" cutting edge and a black textured nylon handle with finger grooves at the base. The black heavy nylon sheath provides versatile LBE carry, including weapon sling adaptability.

These LaGana tomahawks were introduced over 40 years ago by Paul LaGana and have served as a valuable tool both in the field and in combat situations. This tomahawk gained its stellar reputation during the Vietnam war and is considered by many servicemen to be a very valuable tool. If you are looking for a good " American Made - HAWK " the  Lagana VTAC may be just what you are looking for. These are still the most chosen HAWK by our US Military and Law Enforcement.

Visit the product page by clicking here.

High Adventure Outfitters

Custom Wood Scales for the Bark River STS-5

Take a look under our Bark River STS-5 knife section for some great custom exotic wood scales custom made for the STS-5 - They are truly Outstanding!

High Adventure Outfitters

Lighted Caps by "Panther Vision"

This is one of the greatest ideas for anyone who needs "light on demand". Panther Vision has recently developed a Structured Baseball type Cap with 2 or 4 LED lights embedded in the brim of the cap. The lights are powered by 2 coin batteries located in the hat band. The on/ off switch is concealed in the hat visor under the material, NO need to fish around for the head lamp or carry a flashlight, it is all there embedded within the hat. Great for outdoors orientated people, hunters, fisherman, joggers, campers, or anyone working in low light conditions. What's nice about his cap is that as long as you have the hat with you, you are well prepared for any low light conditions.

Hats come in many colors as can be seen here on our site.

Here is what some of our customers have said concerning this product:

"We have used these up at our cabin for night access, great idea and no need to fumble with carrying a flashlight to find your way, where ever your head turns you have light." Even my 3 year old grand daughter wears one.

"Ron, amazing light these hats produce, with a published battery life of 30 hours, this will be considered standard equipment for all my hunting, fishing, camping and hiking adventures."

HAO — "I was concerned about battery replacement but according to the specs these use standard coin batteries which can be purchased at most stores for a nominal fee. We love the lights and the hat, quality is outstanding."

HAO — "Ron we used one of your hats during hunting season, made getting in and out of our tree stands easy and safe, no need to tuck the flashlight under our arm or hold it in our mouth while getting into the stand. As far as safety, they are great for walking to and from the hunting area, to let everyone know who you are. Great light intensity!"

Ron — "Great for filleting fish during low light conditions - scrap the headlamps and clip on lights which are never available when you need them or don't work properly. These lights are bright and follow your every head movement. Makes my job of cleaning fish in the dark a breeze."

"We use our caps when we go out running / jogging or just for a walk. We know if we need light and we have our hat on we are ready. Also used on a recent camping trip for work around the camp site early morning or evening when you always need a light to assist with camp chores. What's great about it the light is it's right at eye level, right where you need it! Thanks Ron for the great product you found a winner here."

"Ron, the 4 light model with two white and 2 green lights really came in handy when tracking a wounded deer during dusk. The green light greatly help ID the blood trail making the recovery process much faster and safer. We will definitely be back for more of these."

Ron — "Those Panther Vision lighted hats I bought from you work great. I used them to assist in setting my duck decoys during an early morning hunt. The intensity of the light was outstanding and I had full use of both hands while I was working in the boat and setting up the blind. In addition I found it useful even before I left the house. I used the Panther Vision lighted hat around the house before the hunt which allowed me to do what I needed to do without turning on all the lights. My family was happy about that."

HAO — "Just to let you know I used the Panther Vision lighted hat the other day while house / pet sitting for a client. I occasionally take care of a house and pets while clients are on vacation. The lighted hat helped me see properly to gain access to the house and kennel area. It was also very helpful when walking the dog as I had both hands free and plenty of light to see where I was going. Great product and thanks for stocking the pink color for us girls! All I need when it gets dark is my lighted hat and I am "Good to Go." Panther Vision has made a great product here and thanks for carrying these as part of your product line."

Visit this product's page for further information.

Butler Creek (Steel Lips) - 10/22 Ruger - 25 rd. Banana Mags

We have just decided to add the Butler Creek Steel Lips Banana Mags to our exclusive product inventory; we have personally used the Butler Creek Banana Mag in the past but were the “Hot Lips” model with plastic lips. While they worked fine, the steel lips are a great improvement and far superior in overall feed performance and durability. These mags will fit the Ruger 10/22, the Ruger 77/22 and AMT Lighting Custom Rifles. There are the best high cap .22 banana mags out there and that is why we carry them. If you are looking for the plastic feed “hot lips” sorry we just feel this to be a much better product.

Try them out and we think you will agree that they are a great addition to your Ruger .22 rimfire rifle. By the way they are made in the USA, which is a must to make it to our site. NOTE: We carry them in both the clear and smoke color.

Busse Knives

As we state on our web site we are constantly looking for new products to add but they must measure up to our standards and be of a quality anyone of us would be proud to carry and use.

In conjunction with that, we have been researching the Busse line of knives. Unique in their design and appearance, they appear to be of very high quality and superb craftsmanship. Knife test (www.knifetests.com) destruction rates them as one of the highest in ability to withstand an enormous amount of punishment and abuse. The warranty on Busse Knives is top notch, and well worth our attention to carry them when we can obtain them.

Check with us on availability. We should have a few SRS-3 knives in the shop very soon. They were produced in limited quantities and are currently out of production.  From what we have read, heard and learned about Busse Knives, they are incredible for edge retention and abuse survival. Something very important to us here at HAO.

Gerber ( Gray Handled ) Mark II Knives

We have had many customers ask us if we ever get in some of the older Gerber Mark II knives with the Gray Handles? No doubt this is when Gerber was in its prime, making very high quality American made knives. Many of the early Gerber Mark II saw service in Vietnam and other major conflicts all over the world so availability and condition become the challenge.

We are in the process of trying to find those Gerber Mark IIs whether they be the Gray, Orange or Yellow handled knives. Condition of these older knives is key as those are the most desirable, appreciate in price and are considered investment quality. Like anything, quality and condition become KING!

Give us a call or send us an email as we are constantly trying to find those older Mark IIs that are worthy to be graded as collector/investment quality. The search becomes more challenging each year as many have gone overseas, never to return to the market place.

NEWS! We have one in stock! Click here to view the details.

If you have an older Gerber Mark II and are interested in a trade or to outright sell, again, contact us as we may be interested.