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What's New on the Horizon
(New Products Coming)

This section is dedicated to new products that we are working on adding to our site. The decision to add a new product will be its overall quality, functional usefulness and most important, our endorsement of it as something we would use ourselves. If it passes our test then we feel we can comfortably provide it to others.

Benchmade Knives

Benchmade Knives coming soon – We have decided to start carrying the line of Benchmade knives. Many of us at HAO have personally carried Benchmade knives and have always found them to perform very well even under the harshest conditions. We decided that it was time we start stocking some of their more popular models. Benchmade knives are all USA made and that of course is one of our top requirements. The overall quality of these knives and the company's warranty and service reputation made it an easy decision for us to include them as a key product on our site. If you do not find the specific Benchmade model you are looking for, shoot us a quick email and we will provide you a price and availability. Benchmade Knives is a US leader in overall knives designed for EDC, LE and Military. They build knives to be used under any conditions and circumstances.

Custom Knife Sheath

One item we have had great success in marketing is the Chris Reeve Green Beret and Pacific knives. No doubt that the Chris Reeve staff has done one outstanding job in building one quality and well made product. The Pacific knife seems to be in top demand and while it has little if any limitations, we have been asked if an optional leather sheath is available.

While Chris Reeve does offer a black pouch sheath, it is an okay sheath but really does not complement the rugged, no nonsense features of the Pacific. In addition it just does not pass our test as a field / battle ready product.

In lieu of this we are in the process of working with a sheath maker that has made some of the finest replacement sheaths we have ever bought and tested. He has made sheath replacements for the Ka-Bar and Gerber Mark II knives equal to or better than the original manufacturers. These sheaths feature, top quality leather, brass rivets and tied down to adapt to any type of equipment, keeper straps that are designed for quick deployment, optional stone pouch and features that both the sportsman, military and Law Enforcement may find useful.

Don’t mistake our intent — the Chris Reeve Spec Ops sheath is unmatched in overall quality and functionality and complements the Pacific and Green Beret Knives to a tee. But if you are looking for a rugged well made optional leather sheath that will be designed and look much like a Johnson riveted sheath for a Randall #18, then we may just have what you are looking for. We should have a few of these available for sale near the end of December 2008 in both plain face and with stone pouch. Check our site as we will post pictures of these new products as soon as they are available.



As we mentioned when we added this section to our site, we would be featuring new and high quality items as we have had the chance to check them out. One that has quickly caught our attention and received rave reviews from knifetest.com is the Fallkniven (made in Sweden). From what we have been able to research and personal testaments, these are really great knives with great cutting ability and edge retention. We will start with the most popular A1 Survival knife and the U2 Folder with incredible edge retention and keenness of edge, (made with laminated powder steel). The reports we get on these have been nothing short of outstanding.


They just keep getting better; guys at the Bark River Knife & Tool shop have made some of the top performing duty/field knives in the USA at a very reasonable price. Just introduced is the big brother to the BRAVO 1, the BRAVO 2 comes with the same design features, just a longer blade and a leather sheath. You cannot beat the quality of any Bark River product and their customer service is top notch.


Just added to the High Adventure Outfitters site is the Benchmade Infidel Knife. The Infidel, released by Benchmade Knives, it one finely crafted out the front (OTF) knife. The knife holds true to all the Benchmade knife products and you will not be disappointed in its quality and performance. We offer this unique item (BENCHMADE INFIDEL MODEL BM-3300 & BM-3300BK) IN BOTH PLAIN & BLACK COATED EDGE. Check this out on our site as it will be offered for sale very soon. (Note there are restrictions for the ownership and carry of the item as stated in the item listing)

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